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IPOD nano Shows OffI have been silent on he topic of the IPOD nano and it isnt because I wasn’t interested in the device but because I have been busy with everything else going on in VoIP and CRM this week. Getting back to the nano, I want one. This is the first time I have said this about any of the IPODs. I have had every portable audio gadget since Sony invented the category decades ago and decided I had no use for an MP3 player as my laptop usually does the trick for me just fine. Now though, I am not so sure. This new player is so sleek and so light it is a must-have device.

The trouble is, I still don’t have a use for it as I have my laptop for travel and my exercise can be done in a room with a stereo and TV.

So, what will I use the nano for? I am not sure. Long flights where I don’t feel like taking out the laptop? I am unsure but if I get one I will be sure to chronicle the adventure.

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