Is the Shoe The Ultimate in Green Technology?

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Is the Shoe The Ultimate in Green Technology?

ntt-shoe.jpgI come across hundreds of news items each day. On some days it is thousands of news stories. Occasionally I see something odd and obscure but strangely compelling. For example, in Japan, NTT has created a shoe which generates three watts. This is enough to power an iPod but not a cell phone as of yet.

The good news? We could see these shoes in action by 2010. Hopefully they will look better than this photo. Oh, and by the way, I didn't notice where the battery would be in this scenario. In your heels? pants? shirt? Hat? In theory you want to store the energy for later use.

Also, this news ties in nicely witht he Microsoft patent on using the skin as a computer bus -- something I discussed a few years back.


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