Plantronics Discovery 925: is it Jewelry?

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Plantronics Discovery 925: is it Jewelry?

If you have a doubt that your bluetooth headset is becoming more and more like jewelry, take a look at the new Discovery 925 line by Plantronics. The new headset reminds more of an earing than a headset and one wonders if the company is targeting the female consumer more heavily with this product.

The answer to this question could be best summed up with the fact that the headset comes in numerous colors which have super-fancy names such as Onyx Black, Alchemy Gold and Cerise Pink.

The device is not short on function either... You get five hours of talk time and days of standby time.

So welcome to your new future... One in which you not only have to match your belt color to your shoe color (yes, my fellow engineers, this is a fashion rule :) ) but now your headset needs to match as well.

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