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Webot Remote Media

While I wait to get my hands on the Nokia N810, I will try Webot's new multimedia interface on my Nokia N800. This is assuming it works on both of these devices equally well.

I have been looking for more ways to connect my laptop music with my home stereo and I am wondering if this may be a great solution to get my extensive music collection to stream to my Nokia tablet and subsequently be played through my bluetooth speakers.

If I could get this service to work with Pandora and Sirius, I would be even happier as the N800/N810 would become an inexpensive (relatively anyway) way to stream music from the internet into a stereo system.

In addition, the Nokia device would become the remote control which lets you change music selections from anywhere... Not just near the computer screen.

If I get some time to try this out I will keep you posted.

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