Will FlyWire Change Our Lives?

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Will FlyWire Change Our Lives?

Thumbnail image for iptv.jpgIf you believe WiFi has changed our lives then you will have to admit Belkin's FlyWire technology which allows HDTV signals to be beamed around your house has the similar potential to change the way television is consumed.

Of course it is early but we are going in a direction it seems where we will be able to suck down HDTV signals into multiple devices without worrying about wires. Of course IMHO WiFi still has the potential to eclipse a proprietary system such as FlyWire, but for now, this new technology shows tha the most bandwidth-intensive signal we transmit in our homes can be digitized and beamed around and shared with others and multiple devices.

Offered between $700-$1,000 the company has to be careful not to price the system higher than an HDTV. After all, you can't change my life if I can afford your technology but not the TV.

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