XV6800: Why Verizon Wireless Opened Up

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XV6800: Why Verizon Wireless Opened Up

There could not be a happier person on the face of the earth than I regarding Verizon Wireless opening up its network. And while I thought I pegged some of the reasons for Verizon making this decision in a recent blog post, the actual reason is probably a great deal simpler.
My take? The XV6800 handset.
You see, the XV6700 handset while rife with problems such as slowdowns and freezes was a great product for its time. The comfortable mobile keyboard, the widescreen 320x240 view and the Microsoft Office compatible applications made this device a winner. Now, about 2 years later, Verizon and HTC, the company behind this device have come up with the 6800, a phone with so few new features over the 6700, it isn't really even worth writing about.

Regardless, I started to jot down the new features of the 6800 but it quickly became more interesting to write about paint drying or erosion.
It is obvious with the release of this new smartphone that Verizon execs had a meeting and said in unison, "We give up." They continued, "If we can't produce a real upgrade on a flagship handset in two years, it is time to throw in the towel. Let's open up the network" :)
While I am kidding ( a little anyway) this is especially true in light of the fact Apple came out of nowhere and designed a phone that blows away everything currently in the Verizon store.
I mean is it so difficult to make a bigger screen? I understand part of the problem here is the Microsoft OS but I don't care. Why does this phone need to have an inferior browsing experience compared to an iPhone? It has been two years. What takes so long?
So in short, if you want to know why Verizon Wireless opened up their network, just look to the 6800... The lack of incremental improvements is enough to make anyone want to give up.
The saddest part about this story is my Verizon Wireless contract is up and the 6800 is probably the best replacement for the 6700 which I currently use. But how on earth, I must reiterate the question -- was the company not able to come up with a bigger screen?
This phone is sad... Really sad. HTC should look at the Nokia 8100 for ideas.
Another option to consider is the Verizon Voyager "iPhone Killer" but so far the specs are not so impressive. The screen resolution is a bit bigger than the 6800 so perhaps this is a good interim solution until something better comes out.
I will keep you posted on the decision for sure so check back often. And as always, your comments are appreciated.
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