Great CRM Ideas For A Down Economy

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Great CRM Ideas For A Down Economy

Recently, my wife ordered a few pairs of shoes from and they upgraded her shipping after the order was placed. She placed the order Monday evening and the shoes were received Tuesday afternoon. She was blown away and I think Zappos has a new loyal customer. In a slow economy, this is a smart thing you can do to ensure customer loyalty.

Another out of the box idea comes from BMW of Darien - the BMW dealer closest to TMC headquarters in Norwalk, CT. If you take your BMW to the Stamford Town Center (the local mall) on Black Friday, you get free valet parking. Normally of course you can spend an eternity looking for a parking spot on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Now - BMW of Darien is sponsoring a service which should not only make owners of these German cars happy - but it also brings BMW owners into the mall more quickly - which has got to be good for all the stores in the mall.

As things slow in the economy, it is the companies that think about how to over deliver for their customers that are most successful. I have to commend both companies for truly valuing customers and I hope these moves pay off for each.

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