India Cyber Crime

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India Cyber Crime

India will soon be toughening laws dealing with confidential information. This is a response to the recent problem in one call center where data was stolen by an employee. This article states that there seems to be no greater threat in India than any other country. While this may be true, it will be smart for India to promote what happens to those that steal data. Do they go to jail? Get fined? Hopefully something pretty bad.

Voice of America also states that outsourcing is new and new processes need to be put in place. This is a pretty uninformed comment as outsourcing has been growing in the US for decades and many Indian companies are owned in full or in part by western outsourcing companies.

The problem may lay in the massive growth curve outsourcing is experiencing in India and the inability to manage the growth in a way that ensures data security. Whether the recent data theft case is an isolated instance or not remains to be seen but Indian officials seem to be taking this matter seriously as billions of dollars are at stake.

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