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Interactions 2014 Live Blog

I'm here in Indianapolis, Indiana and will be live blogging the Interactive Intelligence Interactions 2014 event where I expect to break some big news. Moreover, I will be the MC of the CX Hot Trends (customer experience) Event which kicks off this afternoon and tomorrow. More to come soon!

8:30 am

Joe Staples, CMO of Interactive Intelligence takes the stage - mentions briefly that this event outgrew the largest JW Marriott in the world and segued into the need to create a great customer experience every time is the objective - not just of this conference but business.. 2,000+ people are in attendance and is made up of partners, customers, media, guests and more. He also mentioned the CX Hot Trends Symposium which is co-produced by TMC focused on the latest trends in customer experience.

Joe went into some hot trends to be discussed this week such as cloud and social. 229 friends is the average number of friends a Facebook user has he says, meaning a user can reach 150,000 people if you factor in two-degrees of seperation meaning it is more important than ever to keep customers happy.

Finally, he mentioned mobile as another hot trend of the week. 1.6 billion tablets and smartphones exist on the market. He says that as time goes on, the need to support these devices and users grows meaning companies need a mobility strategy.


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