JetBlue Customer Care - Even Ponzi Would Be Horrified

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JetBlue Customer Care - Even Ponzi Would Be Horrified

Having been unfortunate enough to be part of an eight-hour weather-related delay as a passenger of flight #411 on January 4, 2014, my fellow JetBlue customers and I found out just how amazingly crappy the airline's logistics and service levels could be.

After we lost an entire work-day each, we waited yet another hour for luggage to come out - when it finally did it was for a different flight... A cancelled flight.

Frequent tweets to the airline and calls from passengers met with rude responses infuriating my these passengers who tweeted about their experiences.

Since I am on a business trip CES Las Vegas - I had no idea if I needed to buy clothes or not as the airline told me nothing. So I ended up shopping every day I have been here wasting precious time. You see, they told us in the Las Vegas baggage handling area that my bags would be delivered in a few hours. That was last Saturday. Now its Tuesday and I just got a message that my bags have been found... They are at JFK and to get more info I was told to call 1-800-Jet-Blue. They actually said I could come pick them up at the airport. Hello... Business trip. Las Vegas... Across the country.

I have spent well over $1,000 on replacement items because of the airline's incompetence and I get a standard 800 number to call?

The airline just experienced a self-imposed reboot and this is the result. Really, it seems to be time for upper management to get a reboot in the ass as the board tells them they are fired.

Now I am left with figuring out what to do. I have another suitcase worth of clothes but my glasses are in those newly found bags and I really want them. Other than missing my family, business travel doesn't bother me too much. But this sort of incompetence shouldn't be tolerated by a single customer.

I am sure Madoff is reading about this in some cell right now and wondering how they get away with it.


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