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Self-Service For Cable

Self-Service For Cable

Here is some news on the back-end of VoIP or the service side. Conversagent, ( a provider of conversational customer service software, has launched "AskTWC" with Time Warner Cable. Combined with current client Comcast, this gives Conversagent the top two US cable company customer self-service solutions.

Some highlights include:

  • Customers ask questions in their own words and get immediate, direct answers, not pages of search results or answers to FAQ questions
  • Available to customers 24x7
  • Serve a virtually infinite number of customers at once

This online self-service option will become available over the coming months to cable, high-speed Internet and digital phone customers. The launch marks another important step in integrating support for its cable, digital telephone and high-speed Internet services into one online self-service application.

Conversagent Automated Service Agent System allows customers to type questions in their own words into a text-chat interface and receive immediate responses to conversational inquiries. Should a customer require the intervention of a support professional, the ASA can immediately escalate the subscriber to a live customer service representative.

"We wanted to offer our customers a high-quality online self-service option that provides answers in real time, just like live help. ASA technology truly engages customers in real time conversations and so we needed to think beyond search and simple FAQ's to deliver this higher quality service,"
stated Dave Temlak, Senior Vice President, Time Warner Cable Corporate Customer Care. "Since Ask TWC provides a single integrated source of online customer support for all cable and high-speed issues we are now delivering a seamless, high-quality online experience that serves our subscribers and helps reduce overall customer service costs."

Conversagent ASA also provides Time Warner Cable with secure web-based reporting and analytics. The ASA Management Console includes a Knowledge Management interface which allows non-technical customer service representatives the capability to add, edit and publish content within the "Ask TWC" application.

"Today's customers are more demanding when it comes to online service.
Current systems such as search and FAQ's provide reams of information that frustrate customers as they attempt to locate an answer. With Ask TWC and other client deployments companies are providing next-generation self-service that approximates live help in its immediacy, conversational capability and ability to discern context. ASA technology is superior to search and FAQ technology because of the ASAs ability to engage customers in natural language conversation and provide real-time answers," stated Stephen Klein, CEO, Conversagent, Inc.

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