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Voice Vision International

A long time friend of TMC has
recently changed jobs and I thought it worth sharing. Also within the release
is a mention of Keith Kelly, a pioneer in VoIP and IP contact center
technology. He was years ahead of his time when he launched NetSpeak
Corporation in the 1995-1996 timeframe:

After 14 years with West TeleServices, Ray Golden has
resigned his position with West Teleservices in
order to join up with Voice Vision
as Senior Vice President New Business Development for their
Teleservices division. Ray had originally started in the telemarketing business
with the West's at their first telemarketing operation, WATS Marketing of
America, where he stayed for 8 years before joining the West's again at West

Voice Vision TeleServices was founded on the core principle of providing better
cost-effective telephony and Internet communication solutions that utilize
state-of-the-art technology to increase profitability and reduce overhead for
all our clients. Voice Vision International, www.voicevisionintl.com,
has a major footprint in the telecommunications arena through Voice Over
Internet Protocol, (VoIP), in both IVR and Live Agent platforms. They are an
existing leading provider of customer contact solutions ranging from automated
to live agent customer interaction. Voice Vision’s communications solutions
were developed with state-of-the-art technology by a highly seasoned team,
(with collectively hundreds of years of experience), in the teleservices
industry. For instance, their leadership and founders of Voice Vision include,
Mike Micek, their CEO and Keith Kelly, CTO. Mike is the past CFO of West Corp.
and is a CPA. He was highly instrumental in helping to build West to where it
is today. He was with them from 88’ – ‘02 and helped take the company public. Prior
to founding Voice Vision, Keith Kelly was Founder, and VP of Emerging
Technologies and Standards for NetSpeak Corporation, which was the creator of
WebPhone and the first VoIP Gateway for moving traffic between the PSTN (Public
Switched Telephone Network…better known as plain old telephone service or
POTS), and the Internet. He pioneered VoIP for PSTN overlay and Call Center
infrastructure for at-home agents.

Keith also holds numerous patents for Streaming Multimedia over Data Networks
and the use of Voice over the Internet and has contributed to the design of
many of the protocols that VoIP relies on today. He deployed the world’s first
5 country VoIP Network in 1997 with carriers from: Australia,
Singapore, Japan, Honk Kong, and NetSpeak in the US. He
stitched MCI’s PSTN and Internet networks together in 1998 for “Click’nConnect”,
a VoIP PC based soft-client for dialing 800 numbers from one’s PC and calling
into one of MCI’s call centers. Keith has also received Call Center Show awards for the first completely VoIP based
Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) for Call Centers. Other important senior
members of the Executive Staff at Voice Vision have all had stellar careers in
other successful telemarketing operations before joining Voice Vision and they
each played an important role in the areas of management and IT in those firms.

Voice Vision offers cutting edge automated solutions in Interactive Voice
Response (IVR) technologies and is supported with over 40,000 redundant voice
ports.  Their live agent solutions are
currently supported with 200 workstations in the Philippines with plans to expand
that by 300 additional stations shortly in order to serve the Direct Response
community. Last year Voice Vision facilitated the completion of over 30 million
calls, representing 2.5 billion minutes of talk time, primarily in the prepaid
calling card arena and domestic and international long distance. Our plan is to
better utilize these resources apply it to answering calls generated from DR.

Voice Vision's business model is being built to maximize conversion rates,
virtually eliminating circuit congestion and call abandonment, minimize
average speed of answer of calls, and reduce talk time, while lowering
costs. We will do this by answering calls via high tech Voice Over Internet
Protocol, (VoIP), applied to IVR and Live Agent services….thus providing our
clients with a significantly higher return on investment through lower cost
services. Through the implementation of this model, Voice Vision will be
able to assist their clients in making DRTV programs more profitable.

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