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Customized RSS Feeds

I have been hearing more and more about RSS and for those of you that aren't aware RSS is a technology that allows you to subscribe to content and get alerts on an RSS reader. Some readers convert feeds into e-mails while others are integrated into web browsers. I use which is a standalone program that is not as stable as I would like.

Over a year ago, TMCnet instituted news feeds on allowing people to subscribe via e-mail to anything they like. For example, you can subscribe to a keyword like IP PBX or Avaya. Really, anything. Any mention of your keyword(s) triggers an alert via a daily e-mail.

PR professionals are huge fans of this service as it allows them to track mentions of anything and everything.

Getting back to my point, we instituted RSS feeds with our keyword alert system a while back -- perhaps a year ago as well. I can't recall. In other words you can subscribe to feeds on any topic, just like a news alert e-mail. The difference is, these feeds can happen in near-real-time... As often as your reader checks our site in fact.

This is not typical. I am not aware of many other sites doing this. Most RSS feeds are not flexible, the feed content is predetermined by others. As TMCnet has agreements with numerous news sources, you can use this service to gather tremendous competitive intelligence and stay on top of just about anything.

Now it seems like there is lots of talk on the Internet about having customized RSS feed as it would be a great idea. TMCnet has been doing this for many months and it seems like our subscribers are very happy with the service. I am glad to see others are joining the RSS party.

In case you want to try the news feeds for yourself just click here. Our commitment to our loyal readers is to make TMCnet the best and most useful communications and technology site around. We hope this and all other TMC products exceed your expectations.

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