Daffodil CRM v1.1

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Daffodil CRM v1.1

Here is more info on Daffodil. they seem to have some bells and whistles. I wonder how many companies would stake their companies on open-source CRM software.

Daffodil Software has released Daffodil CRM v1.1, with import and search facility, at SourceForge.net.

Daffodil CRM is an open source Customer Relationship Management software that seamlessly integrates all aspects of the customer life cycle - from identifying business opportunities to sustaining existing customers. The software's intuitive and user-friendly interface, and unique features like automatic e-mail attachment, integrated e-mail campaigns, comprehensive and versatile views and powerful filtering are designed to help businesses manage leads, and help in driving successful, profitable and long-term customer relationships.

New Features in Daffodil CRM v1.1
* Import module - The new Import module allow users to import customer-related data from an excel sheet to Daffodil CRM.

* Search option - A powerful searching facility has been introduced in 'Leads' and 'Tasks' modules, in order to facilitate searching leads; and in 'Accounts' module for searching account names.

* Online Help - User-friendly help pages have been integrated into the software. This will enable ease-of-use for even the non-technical users, who can now navigate and perform common tasks with ease.

* Rights management - The new version of Daffodil CRM has been designed to allow administrators greater freedom to set privileges for users. Normal users can view only those leads ('My Leads') which they own.

* Task pop-up - When a user logs-in, a pop-up window will show the complete set of tasks slated to be performed for the day.

Apart from the newly added modules and features, v1.1 comes with expanded functionalities for Leads, Admin & Accounts modules and enhancements related to features like Sorting and View.

Daffodil CRM v1.1, a major functional release, comes within six weeks of the initial release, and offers more features at no additional cost. The addition of key modules, the Import functionality and the powerful Search feature will go a long way in establishing Daffodil CRM as a popular open source CRM solution.

Commenting on the release, Mr. Sachin Garg, Manager Business Development at Daffodil said, "There is definitely a niche available for open source CRM software’s, especially amongst companies that are unhappy with the costly & vendor-locked CRM applications available in the market. With this feature-rich release, we plan to focus on the open source CRM arena and are confident that the community will fuel Daffodil CRM's initial growth". Speaking about the suitability of Daffodil CRM, he added, "Daffodil CRM with its unique set of features like mail campaigning facility, automatic mail attachment and comprehensive views for reporting purposes is an ideal solution for the call center and IT industry, as also SME’s in general, in managing day-to-day businesses".

You can download Daffodil CRM and its source codes by visiting the SourceForge page at:

To know about the features planned for future releases, please visit: http://daffodilcrm.com/roadmap.html

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