Anna Chapman: a Model Spy - Seriously

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Anna Chapman: a Model Spy - Seriously

I already covered how this whole spy scandal seems unusual because they didn't seem to be taking as many precautions as they should to avoid detection. Now I happened upon a post from David Gewirtz explaining how gorgeous lead spy Anna Chapman is. He included in his post the video below where she talks about her training as an investment banker and desire to be an Internet entrepreneur.

So let me put this in perspective. Russia - a country which up until recently was the biggest enemy of the US and whose communist, big government system the US strived to stamp out is now sending spies to the US to talk up capitalism while our government rapidly expands and takes control of industry after industry. Something just doesn't seem right here. And to make this situation even more perplexing, I get the feeling spies aren't supposed to look this good. One would imagine they should chosen to attract as little attention as possible

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Honey pot scams require hot Russians :) Plus isn't hot women (and mail order brides) the biggest russian export after vodka and arms?

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