BT Delays Ad Targeting

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BT Delays Ad Targeting

Back in December of last year, Peter Radizeski reported on privacy issues, lawsuits and executive departures from companies in the advertising targeting business. Two companies cited were NebuAd and Phorm. Phorm made headlines again today when BT announced it was going to postpone its own Phorm-powered ad targeting network so it could focus on other matters.

What is surprising to me is how BT could think it could catch up later in the ad targeting market. It seems too late already. Google is on fire selling ads and its ad network grows by the second. Microsoft is throwing everything it has at advertising and with Bing it is actually making some progress.

Rather than focus on ad targeting it will focus on NGN and IPTV. Advertising is a new market for the company and one in which one company is overwhelmingly dominant. Delaying an entry into this space makes no sense.

If I were an investor I would be scratching my head.

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