A Winner As Oil Prices Rise


So many products have their costs correlated to gas prices – in fact last night the company that pumps my septic tank told me they are seeing profits go down and will need to raise prices because diesel fuel has increased 25 cents a gallon in one week. But one sector of the market benefits greatly from increased gas prices and that is websites which help you find the lowest gas prices in your area. For example, has seen its traffic skyrocket as of late and a look at the company’s Alexa chart shows a massive spike correlated to much of the recent unrest in the middle east. In fact, the site has climbed over 30,000 locations in terms of web popularity in the last month.


The company says it hasn’t seen this much traffic since Hurricane Katrina and on Monday alone they logged two million unique visitors while the company’s free smartphone app has been downloaded around 10,000 per hour over the last two weeks.

I reached out to Gasbuddy via Twitter to ask about how much the company can save a motorist in a year and didn’t hear back immediately. I will update the post if the company responds but in the mean time it is worth pointing out that in Stamford, CT – a city located about ten miles from TMC HQ you can pay as little as $3.69/gallon and as much as $4.29 or a whopping 60 cent per gallon difference.

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