How You Know Amazon has Made it

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How You Know Amazon has Made it



Amazon doesn't need me to tell them they have "made it" and with a market cap of $56B they are obviously doing a lot of things right. Still, this morning I saw my house absolutely littered with new boxes from the company and realized I didn't know what most of the items in the boxes were. Seems to me that a company becomes indispensable when they start to deliver products in virtually all the categories of your shopping list from clothes to toiletries.

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Amazon has definitely hit that critical mass that'll set them up for long term profitability. I personally like their strategy to be the "backbone" for so many affiliates too. The brand keeps getting marketed - and keeps selling it's inventory - without having to try as hard.

The question is - can a competitor ever outdo Amazon? Or have they taken permanent authority for "collective e-commerce"?

By the way, great blog - I'm really enjoying reading your posts.

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