Upgrading Print With Light From Powered Media Technologies

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Upgrading Print With Light From Powered Media Technologies

I just came across some very interesting technology for marketers using print as a marketing vehicle. Powered Media Technologies or PMT just sent me a sample of their very cool technology which allows traditional printed paper document to light up. Basically it brings the digital world to the "old" paper world of magazines, newspapers, gift cards, magazine covers, etc.

The company is looking to use its LightEffects technology to change visual marketing the way electronic audio has changed the world of greeting cards.

Esquire Magazine Cover with E-Ink

This technology is similar to the recent Esquire Magazine cover which used E-Ink technology. Except PMT uses a a brighter technology which can be activated by a page turn, change of light, motion detection and/or pushing a button. The sample they sent me flashed a light when a button was pressed.

Obviously this is an interesting time to be augmenting the benefits of printed marketing vehicles as many companies are shifting more of their ad dollars to solutions which are easier to measure. In other words, online ad spending is relatively stable and even increasing for some companies in this economic environment while print promotion is being reduced.

LightEffects Before A Button Press

So the question is do companies pony up the extra money to use LightEffects in their print marketing in the hopes the resulting marketing will be more eye-catching? Certainly, the drawback to this technology versus E-Ink is the power draw is greater but then again, the extra power is used to provide a more eye-popping result.

LightEffects After A Button Press (Notice the window is lit)

Although I did not inquire about  the cost of this technology I have to say that most companies should be able to find some use for this technology which should help capture customer attention and increase revenue.

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