Evan Koblentz on TV

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Evan Koblentz on TV

So I’m watching TV this morning and listening to the reporter talk about vintage computers and how they are going for at auction. Being the geek that I am I had to listen further. A few minutes into the BusinessWeek program they introduce none other than Evan Koblentz, the editor of a weekly newsletter on vintage computers.

Evan was the first ever TMC Labs Engineer Tom Keating, the Labs founder ever hired. TMC Labs was the first in-house testing lab in a publishing company focusing on communications. It is now the only such lab. Evan reviewed lots of products including the first ever VoIP products back in the nineties. He left TMC and went to eWeek for a while and is now on his own.

Nice going Evan, it is good to see a TMC alum do so well.

If you want to see what Evan is up to these days please visit:


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