Facebook Map of Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Status Updates

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Facebook Map of Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Status Updates

An interactive map of how the news of the earthquake has spread through Facebook is now available. Many of the maps show the majority of the buzz about the horrific tragedy took place on the west coast of the US followed by the east coast, Hawaii the UK and finally Japan and other parts of Asia. Chile and Argentina too seem to have fairly large circles (denoting more news) on the maps as well. If you scroll through the photos, you see the circles grow with respect to time of day in various regions.

Sample Facebook map of Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Status Updates


It is unclear if the bubble sizes on these maps correlate to numbers of relatives of those in affected areas, or whether they represent people who have a higher likelihood of using Facebook. Hopefully those spreading the news via pictures and videos will increase awareness and subsequently donations which will help people dealing with the aftermath of numerous disasters from earth-shaking to massive waves and potentially nuclear.

To see social networking truly being leveraged to help mankind is quite rewarding for someone chronicling its evolution.

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