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After the Election: Getting Mac and PC to Start Talking

I have a minor quibble with my communications systems. throughout the day - based on the numerous initiatives I am involved with, I need to monitor 6 email accounts, WhatsApp, iMessage/SMS, Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, Skype, LinkedIn and Twitter. This...

Samsung's Service Problems may have Doomed it for Years

Apple's biggest global competitors are Samsung, and coming soon, Xaomi and Huawei but only Samsung has the global name recognition to be a serious counterbalance to Cupertino today. With the recent poor handling of battery-gate surrounding the Galaxy Note 7,...

Twitter and Yahoo to Merge?

Twitter and Yahoo are facing increased pressure from Google and Facebook so reports of their recent discussions to potentially combine forces makes sense if you believe that bigger is better. Its tough however to see the synergies between these companies.In...

All About the API: The One Developer Event You Need

OK, I am going to start off by taking back the headline of this post... There isn't one of anything you need. If you have a sports car, you likely also need an SUV so your kids cramped in the...

The Alex St. John Wage-Slave Debate Sh*t-Storm I Created

Developers – you are likely the unappreciated rock stars you think you are. @rtehrani @PlayWildTangent @AllAboutTheAPI April 19, 2016 In over 20,000 tweets, nothing seems to have resonated more negatively than my simple tweet about a “Great developer post” from...