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Skype Does SIP Trunking

Skype announced today that it is getting into the SIP trunking business by allowing native SIP calls to be connected directly to its network allowing enterprise communications systems to communicate seamlessly with Skype's network of users. During the Beta period,...

Skype, SIP and Asterisk

As the worlds of Skype, SIP and Asterisk become ever more popular, it was only a matter of time before a company started to converge the three. TMCnet’s Tom Keating has some analysis of a new gateway from Italy-based Skip2PBX…...

SIP to Skype

If you aren’t aware, Skip2PBX is a company which enables you to take advantage of Skype trunking. The company is based in Italy and I have met Caristopher Arkin who handles the company’s marketing. Caristopher recently sent over an e-mail...
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