Selling to the Government: GSA Explained

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Selling to the Government: GSA Explained


There is a once in a lifetime opportunity ahead of us as the government prepares to spend unprecedented amounts of money for a variety of initiatives. The reality is that a small percentage of companies are doing most of the selling and the government is looking for more companies to do business with in order to increase diversity and share the wealth.

Are you getting a piece of this pie? Are you knowledgeable enough about government purchases so you can benefit from this market? Do you have products the government could use but feel you aren't selling enough of them to municipalities and federal agencies?


The government will need a lot of everything from tractors to computers to networking gear to mobile devices. For better or worse it will be a bottomless pit of spending for a long while.

The way I look at it, since we are all going to be burdened with the tax debt and interest payments on this spending we may as well make some money so we can pay the taxes we will face in the future.

In order to help my listeners sell more to the fastest growing spender in the world, I conducted a podcast interview with Scott Orbach (pictured) President, CEO and Founder of EZGSA, a company devoted to helping its customers win a share of this ever-growing market.

I hope you find it useful.

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