Socialism Advice from a Russian Immigrant

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Socialism Advice from a Russian Immigrant

A good friend of mine Len Kunin immigrated to the US from Russia and has some interesting views on where our country is heading and the pitfalls of socialism. Although I never spoke with his mother on the topic I did get a chance to read Svetlana Kunin's well-written editorial piece on IBD's website.

The goal of this blog entry is not to espouse a political view but I think the world would be a better place if everyone read this link. You see the rhetoric we hear out of Washington today sounds a lot like what they heard in Russia - sacrificing for the common good is one example. The result in Russia was a society you wouldn't wish on your enemies. Before we go blindly down the path of supporting more and more socialistic programs and wealth redistribution, let's take a moment to absorb what it was like when socialism was deployed correctly.

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