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Tom Keating got me hooked on Avant Broswer over a year ago so when he writes about his thoughts on Firefox vs. Avant Browser in a post titled FireFox Tabbed Browsing, I had to read his thoughts on the topic. What makes me so interested in this saga is the fact that I am getting hammered by spyware and other garbage that keeps infecting my computer via Internet Explorer. At some point I am either going to switch to FireFox or get a beta of the new MS browser I am hearing so much about.

There was a time that Microsoft would develop a product, gain 90+% market share and then rest on its laurels. Not any more. The advent of Linux and free software distribution via the Internet -- Oh yeah, I almost forgot -- blogs to help market the competing software, has put pressure on Microsoft and other market leaders to continually innovate or die. This is why the new version of IE will be released more quickly than originally planned by the mighty Redmond giant.

What is the best thing the Internet is doing for consumers? You might say allowing VoIP service or e-commerce or providing a vast library of searchable information. Certainly at the top of the list, the Internet must be credited with ensuring continual software innovation by all software publishers lest they face a rapid loss of relevance in a world changing ever-faster.

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