For the Love of Patents

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For the Love of Patents

Either you love patents or you hate them. InformationWeek had a comprehensive story on patents in the March 21, 2005 edition. Hundreds of millions of dollars are at stake or have already been paid at companies like Ebay, Microsoft, RIM and Symbol. Microsoft, one of the companies who files a tremendous number of new patents a year is asking for reform.

"It's too easy for a litigant to manipulate the U.S. system and look to a patent lawsuit as the ultimate lottery ticket, hoping to confuse jurors with technical jargon that will yield the payment of a lifetime," Brad Smith, Microsoft's senior VP and general counsel, said two weeks ago at an intellectual-property conference in Washington, D.C., hosted by the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research.

This is an important issue as frivolous patent suits are like lottery tickets. You may get a tremendous payday. This raises the cost of products and services for everyone. As is often the case, only the lawyers win.

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