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Many of us have heard the rumors about the Google browser that is supposed to be delivered and it seems that now is the best time for Google to come out with such a software product. Other browsers such as FireFox are beginning to take share from IE and the worst part about all of this for Microsoft is that it isn't because of the features, it is because of the security. In fact if anything, people seem to be happy switching to a browser with less features as long as it is fast and more secure.

How does Microsoft compete with products that are gaining share by losing the feature war? This is the most counter-intuitive war Microsoft has ever had to face. MS can't counter by giving the browser away for free as they already did this to get rid of Netscape. What is left, a stripped down, feature-free highly secure version of the IE browser?

Soon Microsoft will try to bild a better search and will try to increase their sales of pay-per-click ads as well. Google with their rumored browser and Microsoft may have to actually pay users to use their browser and/or search. The could probably afford to do it as well. Woulnd't that be a twist on the browser wars. I wonder if it will ever happen. Time will tell. Here is a good article on the topic.

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