Good News For Mobile - Except For That Bad Apple

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Good News For Mobile - Except For That Bad Apple

Microsoft windows Phone 7 Launch in Berlin

Microsoft employees have reason to cheer - recently, quarterly profit jumped 51% and all 89,000 employees will get a free Windows Phone 7 device. The bad news in mobile - was Apple acting in bad faith when it allowed iOS 4 to run on the iPhone 3G?

Biana Wofford certainly thinks so and its the reason she filed a lawsuit saying that Apple knew the OS upgrade wasn't very useful, was devoid of some features and worst of all made it challenging to downgrade.

She believes the move from Apple was to push people to an iPhone 4, the latest model. Apple will no doubt counter the many complaints by making it easier to downgrade the OS on this and other devices. Or - maybe they can just make iOS 4 work better.

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