BP Bankruptcy Potential, New Google AppGen and other news

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BP Bankruptcy Potential, New Google AppGen and other news

I am off to San Jose and in case you are looking for some content to catch up on while I am offline I posted some links for you below:

Robert Hashemian opines on BP's financial future. I disagree about the company's potential to go bankrupt - I think it still is a distinct possibility. After all, the oil is still gushing. When will it end?

Raja Singh Chaudhary discusses the east coast heat wave and whether it is a signal to start the move to the smart grid.

Trupti Kamath discusses a research report which explains the Chinese are the world's most advanced Internet users.

Finally Steve Lohr explains how Google has launched an initiative to bring Android development to well - non-developers. Obviously named by an engineer and apparently getting through a marketing department on summer holiday the new Google App Inventor for Android is a really smart move for Google... Assuming it gets traction in the real world. I am looking forward to my next cocktail party where everyone will tell me about the new apps they are writing. This reminds me a bit of the app gen market made popular 15 years or so ago in the computer telephony/CTI space where drag and drop interfaces briefly began to replace C code in telecom development.

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