DailyCandy Sweet on Android


One of the hottest email newsletters and Web sites for the ultra hip woman is DailyCandy and the site is the bible for many seeking advice on fashion, beauty, travel, culture and more. Specializing in providing information on popular cities like New York, Seattle and Miami, some trending articles are, Bored, Try Bora Bora and Picture Picnic Perfect.

The company like many others just launched a location-based application which alerts users to happenings like designer sales, spa deals and underground concerts.

Other location-based apps of note are Zillow and Trulia which can provide you with listings and prices of nearby houses and Trapster which monitors your traffic route for accidents and police.

Getting back to DailyCandy, you can download the app for the Android Marketplace now and be notified when items of interest are taking place in your vicinity. The best news of all is you don’t even have to be in the application to be alerted. This article has details.

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