Drop Your iPhone for a Gphone?

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Drop Your iPhone for a Gphone?

I know Carl Ford loves his Android-based Google phone but I have always thought this device to be inferior to the iPhone. But you know what, there are other opinions worth sharing and this one from Smarterware explains why it is worth switching from an iPhone to a Gphone. Note the integration of Google services is one of the reasons why Gina Trapani switched. You know all those projects Google runs at a loss like news, maps, etc. Well, you can make the argument these free services can make the difference when users decide which mobile device to purchase.

When the iPod and iTunes first launched, Apple made the case that they made little money on song downloads but they used iTunes to sell iPods. Obviously this worked for Apple. It will likely work for Google as well. But the concern for the world's largest search company is if they make their services inferior on non-Android devices, they will lose share to other services.

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