Google Becomes Wind Powered Electric Company

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Google Becomes Wind Powered Electric Company

In Google's quest to become greener the company recently invested $38.8 million in North Dakota wind farms and the company is looking to make this a profitable business. You might expect the company to be using wind to power its own data centers but at the moment that is not the goal. Remember, that data centers need to have continuous power at and wind as we know has a tendency to be unpredictable and is not constant.

The company is in so many businesses in fact it is tough to keep track but an analogous space is certainly the smart grid and recently I sat down with Jon Arnold - a partner at Intelligent Communications partners to discuss Google in the energy markets. The video can be seen below. As you may recall, Jon and his company have teamed with TMC to launch Smart Grid Summit and the third incarnation of this event takes place in Los Angeles, CA this October with ITEXPO. I hope to see you here.

BTW: be sure to visit our Smart Grid news site for the latest information on the market.

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