Google goes TV

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Google goes TV

It is tough to not think of Microsoft when you hear announement after announcment that Google is entering space after space. The latest is TV with news the company is working with Matsushita's Panasonic to develop TV which which will access internet content.

When you think about it a bit however it may be fair to say Google is just expanding its core advertising business with this deal.

And this is exactly what makes Google so powerful... They have an ad network which is absolutely massive. Hundreds of thousands of advertisers will pay Google all day when their ads get clicked on. the advertisers and Google for that matter could care less where the ads are run. it is all a numbers game at this point.

Bearing this in mind, we can expect more news of this sort to come out of Google for a long time to come.

The above Reuters photo consists of Mike Horowitz (L), project manager for Picassa from Google Inc. and Steve Chen, co-founder and chief technology officer for YouTube, speak with Toshihiro Sakamoto (R), president Panasonic AVC Networks, about their partnerships at the Panasonic keynote address at the Consumer Electronics Show

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