Google iPhone Mobile App With Voice Search Works Well

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Google iPhone Mobile App With Voice Search Works Well

I have had a chance to test the new Google Mobile App for iPhone with voice search and remain impressed. What is great about the service is the fact that you can say a company name followed by city and state and then say "phone number" and you get this returned to you quickly. All this is done without typing and the application presents you with an easily clickable phone number if it finds what you are looking for.

I tested Google's speech recognition in noisy environments and found it works poorly. In more quiet environments it is fairly accurate and works very well. I used it today to look up the phone number for a restaurant near TMC and it was excellent. In addition it allows you to manually modify the query after the fact if you like.

I did a test of the service live in a video in the TMC Newsroom by saying "Costco Norwalk, Connecticut phone number." Once completed, the service says it is analyzing while it sends the voice file to Google servers for analysis. Google then identifies what you say and presents you with a company name, address and phone number.

Of course, this system works with any words you say such as "IP communications," "VoIP," etc. The software is free and a no brainer to install. I should point out this is not a specific speech rec application but it is part of the standard Google Mobile app that also gives you access to Gmail, Calendar, Docs, etc. You can find the app in the Apple App Store here.

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