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Paris Peeved at Google

February 7, 2006

Let’s face it, the French don’t like when their culture gets overrun by cultures from other countries such as let’s say those countries where people show a proclivity to wear cowboy boots and 10-gallon hats. Perhaps Chirac had a bad experience while watching Dallas a few decades back and he never got over it. You know I ate French fries once while coming down with the flu and I couldn’t eat fries for a few months. In Chirac’s case it is obviously more serious.

So obviously seeing Google control the Internet is upsetting the French and French businesses.

Google and Dell Billion Dollar Deal

February 7, 2006

This morning, CNBC reported that Google is in close talks with Dell to install Google software on all Dell computers for a one billion dollar fee. CNBC continued to theorize that this will be a huge threat to Microsoft, a company whose stock is already languishing.

The debate then went into whether Google has an operating system and what it is exactly company will be installing on these Dell machines. I should point out that the report said that the talks were in a fragile stage at the moment.

One has to wonder exactly what software Google has that is worth paying a billion dollars to distribute. Is it a browser?

BMW Spams Google

February 7, 2006

In the search to optimize pages for search engines some sites use techniques described as spamming the search engines. There are a number of things you can do to be considered a search engine spammer and I have seen a few VoIP companies spanked by Google meaning their site no longer shows up on Google – even when you search for the company by name!

I was surprised however to find out that the German division of BMW was recently found guilty by Google of spamming as well. This means that the German language BMW is now dropped from Google! Ouch.

One of the challenges webmasters cite is that they aren’t sure what practices are allowed and aren’t allowed.

E-mail Tax

February 7, 2006

Perhaps I an now spoiled by the open and free nature of the Internet but I am pretty annoyed that Yahoo! and AOL are considering taxing e-mail by charging money to ensure messages are not marked as spam. Sure the service they say is optional but it is to the advantage of both these companies that control over a hundred million e-mail addresses to err on the side of sending legitimate e-mail to the spam filter. After all, the more mistakes they make the more often legitimate companies will be forced to pay this tax.

A lot has been made of the concept of Web 2.0 but I am wondering if a more apt description of it is the web with taxes. After all SBC and BellSouth are looking to charge content providers for access to high quality connections to their customers and e-mail companies will charge businesses to send e-mail.

It seems anywhere you turn someone with control is leveraging it to make a buck.

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