Rumors of Google Buying Skype

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Rumors of Google Buying Skype

eBay is doing nothing with Skype -- they say there is no synergy but there are ways to show ads for products the company sells to people making video and audio calls. I have yet to see the two companies try to integrate their products and services.

The rumors point to Google purchasing the internet telephony leader but Skype doesn't need Google... It has a huge network already and Google won't help to grow what is growing so quickly already.

Sadly, eBay needs Skype more than it realizes. I am not sure how they will replace a product which is growing like Skype. Moreover, it has the email address of all Skype customers but I have yet to see a single email from Skype promoting eBay products. Is there is reason why eBay is not maximizing its sales by integrating at least with this email list or is it the compacency of a large company where marketing has no new ideas?

But if ebay can't figure out what I just thought of in the last minute, they may as well throw in the towel and sell the VoIP company. Perhaps eBay has an idea to use the proceeds of a Skype sale to buy a company which they think has more synergy. But if they integrate the new company the way they integrate Skype, investors should strap rockets to their backs as they head for the doors.

If Google monetizes such an acquisition more effectively it will be by showing ads to people using the service. The obvious irony is eBay could do the same thing to boost its auction sales.

It seems eBay is competing with Yahoo to see who can have the most problems. And these two companies were the darlings of the dotcom era. What on earth happened?

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