Time for Carol Bartz to Leave Yahoo!?

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Time for Carol Bartz to Leave Yahoo!?

When Yahoo! announced Carol Bartz as the new CEO I expressed my concern that she had zero media experience. I really thought in this ever-changing world of media and what has turned into a rapidly evolving world of social, Yahoo! needed someone with different experience. I even called it a CEO gamble.

Eric Jackson does a great job at Forbes detailing many of the problems which have sunk Yahoo! It is worth a read and to me it is fascinating that the premiere Internet company in the world hired a CEO with little to no Internet experience. Obviously this hasn't worked out too well for them.

It seems so obvious that the top person at such a major suite of sites should be able to eat, breathe and sleep the web and understand how to do social and leverage the deep repository of assets the company has amassed.

While Yahoo! has slept these past years, Google has not only caught up to the company by building out a portal strategy from maps to weather to news but it has also launched what seems to be a successful social strategy, Google+ which ties it all together.

And all this after Google's many public social failures.

The question of course is what the h*ll is wrong with Yahoo! and when if ever will the company live up to its full potential? Obviously new management is in order and this time, lets get someone who can not only keep up with the competition but hopefully stay ahead of it.

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