When will Environmentalists Learn to Leave Apple Alone?

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When will Environmentalists Learn to Leave Apple Alone?

With the advent of climategate and scientists who have changed their mind on global warming, it is surprising that environmentalists are still harassing companies about their carbon emissions. While it is reasonable to pressure computer companies to not use carcinogenic materials in their products, the excess pressure in the realm of carbon seems outrageous. It seems global warming is not settled science as many have said.

If it was settled it is certainly unsettled today.

How else do you explain the ridiculousness of reporters on the air explaining weather change to us? Recent Dylan Ratigan was on MSNBC explaining how global warming causes it to snow more. Take a look at this video - about 1:15 minutes in. His point is it could be argued that snowstorms are a result of global warming.

I used to watch Dylan Ratigan religiously on CNBC and he is one of the best in the business. Frankly I can't stomach watching MSNBC for more than a few minutes at a time and it seems that even Dylan is uncomfortable saying what he has to say on the air to please the network bosses who harbor a massive left-wing political agenda.


Glenn Beck has a good deal of fun with Ratigan and he is absolutely correct to go after such a ridiculous argument which people may actually listen to.

But what defies logic is why we witnessed so little snow for the last five years - wasn't the earth getting warmer then? Then why did the snow stop and then pick up to past levels. And if they are back to normal then how is this evidence of climate change?

Here is the fact - if climate researchers can't tell you what is happening tomorrow, next week or in a month, why is there confidence in their predictions which span decades?

So I go back to my former question... Why should Apple listen to a bunch of global warming extremists and who are they to tell one of the most successful American companies around how to run their organization?

Update: @redstoneage tweeted a great article on global warming today.

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