Headed Back From Mitel Presence Tour in California

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Headed Back From Mitel Presence Tour in California

I am heading home from speating at the Mitel Presence event and was surprised that most people in the audience had been in telecom for 20 years or more. Lots of very loyal Mitel people were in the room based on the questions I heard. Overall my trip was great and filling in for Sir Terry Mattews is obviously difficult to do. Of course I had fun trying.

The interesting thing is I was hoping to mirror what Terry does at these presentations so I asked friend Neal Schact who attended the Minnesota event about what Terry said in his presentation. Neal told me Terry started by telling the audience how he made his first billion dollars.

It was at this point I decided I better have a plan B. :)

So here I am on a flight back home and I am teribly bored. I have been reading everything in sight. I will now see if I can get some serious writing done on my laptop.

Hope you are having a great weekend.

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