Hertz is Expensive

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Hertz is Expensive

Has anyone noticed that this company is charging a fortune? It is outrageous. I am paying about $80-$100 a day for a mid-size car with NeverLost. This is in every state from California to Indiana (where you would think you would pay less). Is it just me or is this astronomical? Perhaps it is the low airfares that have me thinking Hertz should charge less (it costs less to fly across country than to rent a car). I like Hertz a great deal and I'm a Hertz Gold member which means I don't wait for my car. Between this benefit and the NeverLost GPS system I fell like a moth drawn to the flame every time I travel.

Amazingly, if you look at the receipt, there are all sorts of taxes and miscellaneous fees that are unintelligible. I feeling like I am reading a cell phone bill.

I am considering getting a portable GPS unit with an MP3 player built-in. I probably won't do it as it is yet another device to carry. On the other hand, NeverLost is costing about $10-$12 a day depending on fees and taxes so 30 days of rental will be the break even to purchase such a device.

I am on the list to get a demo unit of this GPS device which could be a NeverLost killer. Assuming they send it, I will review it and let you know how it goes.

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