HTML5 Continues to Be Big Tech News

HTML5 is being embraced by virtually every company as it a cross-platform solution to getting your content in front of users without the need for app stores or developing customized solutions for each device and OS you would like to have your content displayed upon. The good news is companies like Adobe have jumped on the bandwagon – ColdFusion 10 will support HTML5 based on news released this week in fact.

Then there is the “dark side” of HTML5 – basically some believe mobile devices and browsers aren’t ready for this new development language. This problem becomes an issue for video where 30-60 frame per second viewing is needed for optimal viewing quality.

It seems every company has decided that HTML5 is in their future. For example recent news about 3D-based modeling in your browser is possible thanks to a new company called Sunglass and LG showed off a new secure HTML5 viewer cable operators can use with their TVs this week at the Cable show in Boston, Mass.

In short, the future of development on the web looks like it will center on HTML5 and while it may seem logical that HTML – something which all sites employ will still be in use, this newest iteration is far more sophisticated and powerful than previous versions. There are new security, programming and design implications and for that reason it is worth taking a course or attending a conference on the topic to be sure you maximize your programming and design results.

As a disclosure TMC where I am CEO is a partner in DevCon5 perhaps the most well-established HTML5 design and development show in the world. Our sixth event takes place in New York July 23-24th, 2012 and the conference program is now available for your viewing pleasure.

I hope to see you there.

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