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Communications Tech Development = Code + Human Resources > Enter OpenSIPs Summit 2017 Amsterdam

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Telecom Tidbits (part # 2450)

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Telecom Tidbits (#2449)

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Shock! IBM Reverses Telecommuting Policy. Here's Why

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What does having no PSTN lines really mean?

There are firm actions starting to take place about PSTN sunset.  What this means is that our landline networks that we...

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10 Seismic Communications Trends Creating Billions in New Value

People need not apply in our brave new communications future Communications was once a person-to-person mechanism allowing individuals to collaborate or share...

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The Importance of Good Call Progress Analysis with Software Media Servers

Robo-Calls are rightly getting negative press and regulation. But Call Progress Analysis (CPA) has many legitimate uses beyond enabling Robo-Calls. Dialogic has...

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Lenovo ThinkPad

September 14, 2005

I was pessimistic about the Lenovo acquisition of IBM’s computing division but have recently changed my mind and for the moment am very impressed by the pace of innovation at Lenovo.

Perhaps IBM bureaucracy was slowing the company down over the years and Lenovo has freed the creative people up. Certainly the ThinkPad notebook, the flagship of notebooks was quite an achievement but a company like IBM that invents so many new technologies years before others has had a difficult time translating these innovations into profit.

It seems Lenovo is happy to roll out new ThinkPad notebooks at such a rapid clip that even Dell has to be sweating as it looks in its rearview mirror.

We know Lenovo can produce products inexpensively as they are based in China and we know Lenovo can innovate. The question is can they make reliable computers. ThinkPad laptops are rock solid – of course flukes like my T42p dying two days ago need to be ignored by people such as myself as they are likely isolated incidents.

Dell is the company to beat in computing and Lenovo has the formula needed to give the Texas-based company a run for its money.

Google Buys Technorati – Not

September 13, 2005

Tom, I have to disagree with your point about Google buying Technorati. Although there are compelling reasons for Google to do this they can do everything Technorati does and more with a few days of programming. After all legend has it that Google News was built in a few days… Blog search can be built in the same amount of time if not less.

Let’s look at the facts. Google already searches and indexes all the blogs out there anyway.

Skype Users Freak Out

September 13, 2005 Customer Care Center

September 13, 2005

Greg on eBay/Skype

September 12, 2005

Continental Airlines Workstations

September 12, 2005

US Robotics And VoIP

September 12, 2005

I mentioned recently that just about every company needs a VoIP strategy. You can embrace it, ignore it or just watch it. Regardless, you need a strategy. US Robotics now as a VoIP strategy.

The irony here is that the company built its business selling modems which off course transmitted data on telephone lines.

Oracle Buys Siebel

September 12, 2005

Oracle Buys Siebel

Months back I mentioned in my High Priority column in Customer Interaction Solutions magazine that there are web rumors of Oracle buying Siebel. Siebel is the perfect company for Oracle to acquire as it allows Ellison’s company to get large amounts of new maintenance revenue to help fuel the company’s need to constantly grow.

Today MarketWatch reported that indeed Oracle will purchase Siebel for $3.6 billion dollars.

This is not a good deal for the customer in my opinion as Siebel is the CRM leader and as such is focused exclusively on the customer relationship management market. A purchase by Oracle will no doubt dilute focus and attention from CRM, making it just another product line instead of a core strategy.

We can expect reduced innovation as there will be more of a focus on a cohesive software strategy as opposed to making and selling the world’s best CRM software.

Others will argue that in a world where integration becomes more and more important, Oracle will be able to leverage Siebel and have it talk seamlessly with other applications in the company’s portfolio. Yes, that is true but it removes the best of breed argument IT managers make when deciding what products to purchase.

eBay Buys Skype for $2.6 Billion

September 12, 2005

After all the rumors of eBay purchasing Skype and the downplaying by both companies, the acquisition is official today. As I mention in prior postings the significance of this announcement to the VoIP market cannot be understated. Ebay has finally helped the market put a valuation on a VoIP company and I am sure VCs and other companies in the space are ecstatic.

That is not to say everything is fine and dandy. BusinessWeek talks of frothy VoIP markets and other terms not heard since Allan Greenspan tried to talk down the Internet boom in the late nineties.

Whether 2.6 billion dollars is too much money to pay for a company with forward looking earnings (well 2005 anyway) of $60 million is unknown as Skype really has no equal in the VoIP space.

Fiber And VoIP In New Orleans

September 11, 2005

USA Today does a really good job with their technology stories. They really understand what is happening in telecom and other areas of technology and their reporters deserve a lot of credit. I recently added USA Today to my RSS reader and was blown away with the recent story I read titled Rebuilt New Orleans could be cutting edge. The general idea is that New Orleans can be a model city with fiber and IP and VoIP to every home.

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