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IoT Connectivity Standards? Still a Confusing Mess.

62 million European households will soon have smart gas meters as reported on IoT Evolution with an annual growth rate of 27.8...

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Digital Transformation Gone Wrong: Did Macy's Fail?

Amazon will be moving into six floors at 300 Pine Street, a historic epicenter of Seattle retail, home to Macy’s. In fact,...

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Mazda Rotary Engine to Cease Electric-Range Anxiety

The rotary or Wankel engine is an automotive marvel. It revs higher than an engine with cylinders and weighs far less. It...

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Invoxia NVX 200 Phone Connects to Apple Watch 3

Forget Dick Tracey, Invoxia takes your watch phone one-step further by allowing you to use a desk phone as the interface to...

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Network Slicing - An A La Carte Network Service in 5G?

I’ve been meaning to write about network slicing for a while.  When 5G was first being written about, network slicing was one...

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Thanks to Actility, Comcast may Build Largest U.S. LoRa Network

There is a race to roll out the largest LoRa network as eventually trillions of devices will need a low-power way to...

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Air Canada Pillows

October 14, 2005

You will now have to pay for pillows on Air Canada flights. I think this is a great idea. I have suggested since 2002 that airlines charge for food and now some are. I would rather pay for the privilege of having food or a pillow than not have the option to have it.

The problem is with the payment system.

VoIP in Hollywood

October 13, 2005

Back To Avant Browser

October 13, 2005

OK. I respect Tom Keating’s technology acumen a great deal. He is probably one of the smartest and most knowledgeable in the space. So when Tom tells me how good Firefox is and how well it works for him.

Will BellSouth Buy Vonage

October 13, 2005

I got my head handed to me by the mere mention of the fact that BellSouth might buy Vonage for a whole hunk of cash. Bloggers can be so moody sometimes . Anyway now it seems some of the same bloggers that basically told me I was insane to suggest that BellSouth was in talks with Vonage are pontificating on this actually happening.

More interesting is the fact that the valuation I put out there seemed insane even to me and by Skype standards today may have been too low!

I don’t mind getting slammed by bloggers. It is kind of fun actually.

Today’s Webinar

October 13, 2005

ITEXPO Press List Posted

October 12, 2005

Leaving Comptel

October 12, 2005

I am really enthused about the market in general. As I leave Comptel, I spoke with many service providers who are excited about coming to ITEXPO in about a week and a half in LA to learn about how they can implement VoIP into their business plans to become competitive and to have a sustainable business model.

If anything it just motivates me more when I hear how people come to TMC expos and leave with valuable information they can implement in their businesses.

In this case the CLECs are struggling to come up with models that will launch them into the world of VoIP and in some cases video/triple play.

What is great about Comptel is the deal making. There is more networking in the hotel lobby and outside the exhibit hall than in. Much of the reason for this is that this event is primarily an association driven gathering.

Contrast this to ITEXPO where every show brings hoards of new buyers.

Microsoft LiveMeeting

October 12, 2005

Linksys/Skype Review

October 11, 2005

Vonage In A Box

October 11, 2005

Everyone it seems wants to be Vonage. The company has attracted almost as many competitors as it has customers. The market for Vonage-In-A-Box products is booming. There are many companies that will help provide you with everything you need.

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