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Why is the PSTN Long Tail So Long?

Even though VoIP and IP communications in general is now dominating all landline communications, why is the PSTN still there?  Why doesn’t...

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Cloudstudio with Your UCaaS, Would You Like Fries With That?

McDonald's is famous for asking customers if they want fries with their order and as a result, over the years, they have...

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Martello Offers Unique SD-WAN Solutions

Martello Technologies has become one of the more interesting players in the SD-WAN space - by purchasing Elfiq - one of the first...

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New REST API Helps Carriers Reduce Leakage, Improve ROI

Revenue leakage among carriers is close to a billion dollars and as new services come on line, the complexity of managing various...

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As an enterprise, why you should care about 5G

As an enterprise, why should you care about 5G?  I mean, after all, it means new phones, new bring your own...

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New VTech Devices Bring SIP and Key System Functionality to Business

Sometimes you need to go backward to go forward is what we thought when we met for an exclusive interview with...

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Jenne Becomes Leading UCaaS Value-Added Distributor

As resellers evolve from selling telecom hardware like PBXs to UCaaS, they often need help to figure out how to do it...

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Implement a Voice Channel

September 9, 2005

Please join me on September 22nd 2005 at 1:00 EST to learn about enterprise Voice and how to harness it:

Here is some marketing-speak onthe event.
Developing the Enterprise Voice Channel

Customer contacts are expected to reach 30 billion this year, of which 45% will take place over the phone. The cost of poor service is high. So how does your enterprise measure up?

Today, automated speech recognition systems are improving both customer experience and operational efficiency.

China Bans VoIP

September 9, 2005

This article explains how Skype is annoying Chinese authorities who are seeing revenue dwindle. The Shanghai Daily reported that China Telecom's Shenzhen branch has already blacklisted users of Skype Out.

The paper explained a call from China to New York costs 27 time more via China Telecom than Skype! Ouch!.

Users of unauthorized VoIP services may be fined. Only six Chinese operators -- including China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom and China Netcom -- are allowed to operate VoIP services, the paper said.

Skype is available for domestic PC-to-PC calls in China via

I wonder if the WTO is going to get involved in these sorts of disputes and force the world to allow VoIP in their countries.

Dells US Call Centers

September 9, 2005

Skype and VoIP Ecosystems

September 9, 2005

I just read an article explaining Skype’s exciting new Voice Services Program, which allows any content provider to provide free or paid voice services. What differentiates this announcement from run of the mill partnering press releases put out by so many companies is the sheer volume of callers using Skype.

People say that Vonage will reach critical mass at around a million users. The company did in fact recently announce they have one million lines which for the sake of this article we will assume is the same thing. So Vonage has reached critical mass.

What EBay Will Do For Skype and VoIP

September 8, 2005

Virtually all the big boys in the software and technology service markets have some sort of VoIP strategy. AOL, Microsoft, Yahoo!, Google… It was only a matter of time before Ebay and others got into the game. Will be far behind?

Today may be one of the biggest days for VoIP in recent years because sources say that EBay is looking to spend between 2 and 5 billion dollars for Skype, the world’s Internet telephony leader.

At $3 billion, EBay is valued at approximately 43 time sales and that is a staggering amount.

EBay Buys Skype

September 8, 2005

Microsoft Hates Google

September 7, 2005

I am not sure whether to be impressed or horrified by the alleged actions of Microsoft execs Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates. On the one hand you must admire their desire to win but on the other, is throwing chairs and shouting obscenities the way to take Google out? According to this article it may not be the right way to do it but it is the way it is being done.

Take a took at this excerpt from the Forbes article:

Lee's evidence follows hot on the heels of sworn evidence from former Microsoft engineer Mark Lucovsky, claiming Chief Executive Steve Ballmer picked up his chair and hurled it across his office, before saying of Google's CEO Eric Schmidt: "I'm going to bury that guy, I have done it before, and I will do it again. I'm going to kill Google"--but punctuated by a couple of obscene gerunds.

One thing is for sure.

Service Provider Summit

September 7, 2005

This is part of the ITEXPO: Best VoIP Show In The World series of Blog entries.

We at TMC recognize that service providers are the backbone of the VoIP industry and every day they make up a larger and larger part of the community served by TMC publications and events.

I salute you today's service provider as only you have to deal with ever-changing government regulation and technology that mutates faster than bacteria in Chernobyl. You are in a turbulent but invigorating market. Come to ITEXPO and be part of the Service Provider Summit. In addition to hearing Michael Powell speak and getting his perspective for the first time as a non-government worker, come hear Carly Fiorina who has sat on the board of Cisco and was the #2 person at Lucent for a considerable period.

Vonage Hits 1 Million Lines

September 7, 2005

I was a  Bar Mitzvah for a cousin this past weekend and ran into my accountant who is definitely not on the leading edge of technology. He does use a PC and has DSL but he is not a person that you would discuss nanotechnology with at a dinner party.

We got to discussing business sand I mentioned how Internet Telephony Magazine is doing great… It is one of the thickest books in the tech market and advertisers are telling us they get great results. I told him about how our website TMCnet has between half a million to a million unique visitors a month and that our last three ITEXPOs were sold out and they are growing around 100% per year.

He was floored. The last time we spoke was the height of the telecom depression back in 2003.

We got to speaking about why things are so good and I explained it is the VoIP market that is on fire.

The Most Smog

September 7, 2005

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