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Why Pivot?

In business, a pivot is a strategy change (especially in Lean Startup processes). When you look at brick-and-mortar companies like RadioShack,...

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Thoughts on the Industry Right Now

All the forecasts: have any of them been accurate? Or is it just a way to sell reports? If it is,...

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Hosted PBX Sales Increasing

Blame some of it on the TDM-to-IP transition, but a lot of the reason that Hosted PBX sales are increasing is...

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Intel Buys Way into Tablets While $99 may be Microsoft Sweet Spot

Intel recently reported earnings and the takeaway is the company is going to focus more on Android and ramp up subsidies to...

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Why the Fax Isn't As Outdated As You Think

I wrote a blog about faxing a few months ago and got an overwhelming response. Got some comments via email and...

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Camera-Phone Opportunity Exists for Samsung

There exists an opportunity for a superior camera with 10x or greater zoom coupled with the traditional things we are used to...

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Tomorrow is Purchase Google Glass Day!

If you are a wearable tech fan, tomorrow is a big day as you will finally be able to (if you are...

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Lead Generation Specialist

January 22, 2005

I found a new title in my travels. The Lead Generation Manager or Specialist. I had never ever seen this title before in all my travels and interaction with companies. So it is interesting to see numerous companies coming to the conclusion that they need a new class of person to help generate new sales.

Nor'easter Musings and Vonexus Connection

January 22, 2005

Connecticut is being slammed by a snow storm otherwise known as a nor'easter as I write this entry. In case you aren't familiar with the term, here is a definition from the weather channel:

A cyclonic storm occurring off the east coast of North America. These winter weather events are notorious for producing heavy snow, rain, and tremendous waves that crash onto Atlantic beaches, often causing beach erosion and structural damage.

Powell and FCC Summary

January 21, 2005

LA Times on FCC

January 21, 2005

LA Times article on Powell resigning. Not too VoIP focused but interesting nonetheless.


WASHINGTON — Michael K. Powell, the controversial head of the Federal Communications Commission who championed speedier Internet connections, tougher enforcement of broadcast indecency rules and greater consumer protection from telemarketers, announced today that he is leaving the agency in March.

Powell, a 41-year-old former Army officer and antitrust lawyer who was appointed chairman in 2001 by President Bush, sent a letter to Bush today indicating his intentions to leave.

Powell Resigns

January 21, 2005

I just read a CNET article about Powell resigning. Sometimes I wonder if I am alone in the world when it comes to viewing true telecom competition. Although Powell was a great public champion of VoIP and fought the states when they tried to regulate and tax this burgeoning industry, the FCC has slowly rolled back the Telecom Deregulation act of 1996. True broadband competition doesn't really exists in this country and worse there were more broadband providers four years ago than today.

Powell Steps Down?

January 21, 2005

Here is a WSJ article on this matter. Whether Michael Powell was good for the VoIP market or not is a question we will debate forever but what we know for sure is that a  duopoly of cable companies and and ILECs remains as he steps down meaning the FCC is a VoIP champion but has instituted policies where ILECS, the companies that pretty much crippled or killed competitive DSL offerings and the CLEC market are now in the position to do the same with VoIP providers.

Michael Powell Steps Down

One thing is for sure, Powell was  a public champion of VoIP and for this reason I am sad to see him go. Still, even though consumer prices for telephone services are plummeting, little credit for this accomplishment can go to government policies that helped wipe out billions of dollars of competitive telecom investments.

Packet8 Charges

January 21, 2005

I received this e-mail about Packet8. I have never heard of any problems with the service but thought I would pass this along to see if others have any problems with VoIP providers.


This is (name deleted), I have spoken to you some time back and also was asking you that if I could write some articles on the future VoIP telecom business. If you remember our discussion, I was telling you about the Packet 8 and how they are charging even for the incoming calls which is never heard of in this VoIP Telephony industry.

eBay and Google

January 21, 2005

Om writes about eBay missing it's numbers and how it is possible that the ever-expanding network of buyers and sellers could be tapped out. We may have hit a growth wall with this business model. And while Om could be right... We will just have to wait 3 months more to see if this is a trend or aberration.

Session Management Growth

January 21, 2005

Session Management Growth

Yesterday's NexTone Session Management release shows the session border controller market is alive and well. Deregulation and global growth are cited as reasons for the great showing by the company. In fact growth was 260% quarter-over-quarter!

Broadvox VoIP CLEC News

January 20, 2005

Big news in the CLEC market.

Broadvox Limited LLC and Metropolitan Telecommunications (MetTel) today announced a one-year agreement that will enable MetTel, an integrated communications provider, to offer Broadvox's Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) broadband services with a suite of local and long distance service packages. MetTel currently serves customers in 14 states and will expand its coverage area to 30 states by the end of 2005.

MetTel will now have the ability to offer Broadvox VoIP broadband services through MetTel's Internet T-1 or DSL Service or through an Internet connection provided by the customer.

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