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How to Get AT&T to Fund Your IoT Idea

IoT and M2M developers - here is some exciting news.It Isn't that often that you can develop something for what is supposed...

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Access is Still Pretty Good

At all the shows, it is cloud this and cloud that - a bunch of doom and gloom on legacy telecom....

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Mobile fax? Why do you need that?

Fax is an enduring technology. While you may think that fax is declining, some reports show that the market is actually...

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We ask the experts: How can exceptional QoE be achieved in VoLTE networks?

By: Jean Jones, Director, Wireless Marketing, Alcatel-Lucent

What does voice over LTE (VoLTE) offer your subscribers? Better voice quality, including HD voice. Rich communications with messaging and video. And whatever inventive applications you choose to introduce. In other words, VoLTE can provide a superior quality of experience (QoE) for subscribers and give you a competitive edge — particularly when your service operates at its best. 


In my last blog[CCE1] , our experts explained why an end-to-end strategy is the key to maintaining peak VoLTE performance. Now we’ll look at how this strategy gets put into practice to optimize real-world service offerings. The information here is based on interviews with Luis Venerio who works with our VoLTE Readiness Services team. And his observations come straight from his experience on VoLTE deployments that serve millions of subscribers.

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Wearable Tech Expo 2014 Kicking off in NYC

My team is at the Jacob Javits Center setting up for Wearable Tech Expo 2014 which will take place Wednesday and Thursday...

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When Does WebRTC Need a Media Server? Reason #7

Tsahi Levent-Levi’s white paper, “Seven Reasons for WebRTC Server-Side Processing,” details a variety of WebRTC-related scenarios that necessitate a media server....

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How signaling spikes affect networks: 3 real-world examples

By: Josee Loudiadis, Director of Network Intelligence, Alcatel-Lucent

Data and signaling growth are usually good news for network operators, since growth often translates into higher revenues. But when growth is averaged over a month or quarter, the daily highs and lows of network activity are smoothed out. And signaling spikes remain hidden within the averages. These spikes can overwhelm available signaling capacity, which impairs the customer experience, as well as the operator’s reputation.

What happens when a spike occurs? Typically, a CPU Overload alarm appears on various mobile nodes. And the Network Operations Center (NOC) immediately starts praying that the burst is short-lived and doesn’t go over maximum peak-rate capacity. Because when that happens, all consumers are denied service access. Then, the process of identifying the source of the problem begins. This can be arduous, because it often involves applications completely out of NOC control. And the issue can’t be resolved easily without solid network analytics that enables engagement with application and device developers.

That’s the reason signaling information is a crucial part of the Alcatel-Lucent Mobile Apps Rankings report and why LTE World 2014 devotes an entire pre-conference day to the topic. It’s also why this blog offers a closer look at how some real-world disruptive signaling spikes got started — and were finally resolved.

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Government and Reseller VoIP: Two Hot Areas for 2005

January 10, 2005

The military is not letting up on VoIP adoption. Some huge military bigwigs will be at attendance at ITEXPO and this is the 3rd year in a row we've seen a large and growing government presence. It is probably better...

VoIP IC Revenue Skyrockets

January 10, 2005

This is amazing. Every facet of VoIP is hot from software to hardware to prepaid calling cards. You name it. Today I came upon an In-Stat release that says VoIP IC market growth will be tremendous from $137.6 million in...

Ixia IxVoice 3.10 tests VoIP and Packet over Cable

January 10, 2005

With today's news about Comcast getting in VoIP, the question is now, who isnt in VoIP? All cable companies, ILECS, CLECS, wireless providers. Basically everyone wants a piece of the pie. Talk about timing... Companies like Ixia that are updating...

Kodak EasyShare One

January 10, 2005

While there were so many interesting announcements out of CES I am positive the most important one was overlooked completely by most. For years I have been predicting that video cameras would one day be WiFi enabled and the entire...

Will PhoneGAIM Unseat Skype

January 10, 2005

When you are number one, you have a permanent bull's-eye on your back and such is the case with Skype, the company that generates a hundred thousand downloads in the time it takes some of us to have lunch. By...

Is SBC Sprinting to or Away From VoIP?

January 10, 2005

There comes a time in all of our lives when we have to get from point A to point B and it is pouring rain and you left without an umbrella. Personally my least favorite rain is the small drops...

Legerity Teams With Vocal on VoIP ATA

January 10, 2005

With all the new service providers rolling out VoIP service, the market for CPE equipment is on fire... Growing at alarming (meaning very good... Not the alarm that wakes you up in the morning)rates. Many companies want a piece of...

Million Dollar Baby a Cross Between Rocky and Beaches

January 10, 2005

I saw Million Dollar Baby this weekendIf you like Rocky and Beaches, you will love this. Tips:Drop by CostcoBuy the largest container of Kleenex you can findSee movieUse Kleenex sparingly so as not to run out....

BayPackets and Epana part 2

January 10, 2005

BayPackets Brings VoIP to EPANA Prepaid Calling Cards

January 10, 2005

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