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Call and Talk to Watson

The future contact center is an exciting place.  Artificial Intelligence will be front and center.  The elements of some of this exist...

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Fog Computing is Booming and it Changes Everything in IoT

Name a market worth $18 billion in a few years with a 500% growth rate that almost no one knows about. If you...

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Apple Responds to Our iPhone X Wireless Charging Complaint in One Day

Boy that was fast - just yesterday we said Apple lagged behind Samsung in the wireless charging world. Samsung supports up to...

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Pictek Fast QI Wireless Charging Pad Review

When we received our iPhone X, we knew we had to try out the wireless charging feature of the new device. The...

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Facebook Fights Revenge Porn With Dumb Idea

Facebook is testing new technology that is designed to help victims of revenge porn acts. This new tool is currently being tested...

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Why Media Gateways Anymore?

This past summer, I wrote a few blogs relating to older technologies such as PSTN, SS7, Fax, etc.  At Dialogic, part of...

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Galaxy S8 Outdoes iPhone X in Freeze Test

The screen test below shows what happens when you put two of the top smartphones on the market - the Samsung Galaxy...

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AT&T CallVantge and D-Link DVG-1120M Help

September 26, 2004

I received this rather detailed e-mail on configuring hardware for AT&T CallVantage. Havent tested this myself but it looks important enough to pass along. This is likely the AT&T Callvantage article being referred to. Hello, I just spent the entire...

Browsing the Google Way

September 23, 2004

Google may be launching a new browser according to a story by BBC. The Register also has a story that talks about this new browser and mentions that Google has recently hired a senior Java developer from Sun. Bloggers too...

Asterisk Interest Soars

September 23, 2004

When I first wrote about Asterisk, the open, Linux based PBX it was for the January issue of Internet Telephony Magazine. I expected Asterisk to do well but I didnt expect the groundswell of activity that I have recently witnessed....

AT&T's VoIP Teleworker Trials

September 22, 2004

Mayor Daley is Watching

September 21, 2004

The New York Times had an interesting article titled Chicago Moving to 'Smart' Surveillance Cameras (registration required) in which Mayor Daley says the cameras will make the city a safer place. 250 cameras will be installed and using sophisticated technology,...

Service Providers Can Learn From

September 17, 2004

A few years back I attended the 3GSM show in the south of France and no, it wasn't sunny... Pretty cold and drizzly, thank you very much. Suffice it to say, I covered the whole show -- Every Exhibitor. Not much else to do there I am afraid.

Technology Headaches at Home

September 13, 2004

New Vendor Party Announced September 14 in NYC!

September 10, 2004

TMC just announced a new party for vendors in the speech and contact center business to come network. It should be lots of fun. Here are the details. Hope to see you there. ESPN Sports Zone Tuesday, September 14, 2004...

VoIP Conferencing Heats Up

September 9, 2004

Conferencing via VoIP is the way to go and WebEx recently decided to take the VoIP plunge by using media servers from Convedia. Convedia should be proud as WebEx now joins Genesys who took the Convedia VoIP plunge a few...

Concerto Software Acquires Rockwell FirstPoint Contact

September 8, 2004

Yesterday, I flew out to Chicago to cover the merger of Concerto Software and Rockwell FirstPoint Contact (RFC). I am thrilled to be reporting on what may be the most important contact center acquisitions of our time. While in Chicago,...
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