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The Unique role of the Service Provider with a SmartHome

  As last week's blog described, a SmartHome is a complicated place today.  A service provider could tie all of these different...

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The SmartHome, The Service Provider, and Connectivity

The SmartHome market is important for consumers for many reasons - energy savings, additional security and improved quality of life to name...

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Part 3 of Pros and Cons of Hosted vs. CPE Phone Systems

In part 2 of this series I discussed price. Now let’s wrap up this series and talk about Unified Communications, features and...

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How to Prepare for The Future of Work

The future of work continues to change and the predictions of mass joblessness as a result of AI and robotic automation have...

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Pros and Cons of Hosted vs. On Premise Phone Systems (Part 2)

In Part 1 we discussed some of the considerations that would affect a cloud vs on-premise solution. Now I’d like to start...

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Pros and Cons of Hosted vs. On Premise Phone Systems

Purchasing communications infrastructure equipment for your business, whether it’s data routers, SBCs or phone communication systems is difficult.  There are many vendor...

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Making Sense of Blockchain and Nothing Can Be Hidden in it?

The Bitfury Group and First Block Capital, on January 11, 2018, announced they had invested in Emercoin and would support the ground-breaking...

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Tom Keating writes about the humble beginnings of VoIP

January 3, 2005

Tom Keating writes about the humble beginnings of VoIP and is absolutely correct in saying that it was first written about in TMC's CTI Magazine in 1996. What surprises me is how much coverage we gave this nascent field. I...

VoIP Blog Legends Plug Internet Telephony Conference & Expo

January 3, 2005

California PUC and VoIP Regulation

January 3, 2005

In my mind we need a great deal less government intervention in our daily lives and this is especially true when the government serves as a direct road block to progress in an industry that has so much potential like...

DSP Group's WiFi Telephony Chip: Wireless Voice Over IP

January 3, 2005

It is no secret that WiFi telephony is the future of VoIP. Just as consumer adoption launched VoIP into the mainstream, it is possible that these same consumers will do the same for WiFi telephony. Frankly it should be business users that accelerate the adoption but consumers have done an amazing job of harnessing leading edge technologies. Businesses are a bit gun-shy after the dotcom era it seems.So we will likely see the consumer and business space work together on building this new category of product.

Investor's Business Daily, Positive Voice Over IP Article

January 2, 2005

I like Investors Business Daily. I dont currently subscribe but have in the past and loved it. I suffer from lack of reading time as well as lack of time for just about anything else. In any event, if I...

Can Net2Phone VoIP Service Compete With Vonage and AT&T CallVantage?

December 30, 2004

In 1999, years before Vonage was a company, Net2phone had an agreement with Komodo Technology to use their Komodo Fone as a broadband telephony/VoIP access device. You could make outbound calls but not receive inbound calls with this combination of...

FCC Frees up Spectrum for 3G

December 30, 2004

Here is some very big news from the FCC about additional 3G spectrum now available. Washington, D.C. Today, the Federal Communications Commission (Commission) formally notified the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) of the U.S. Department of Commerce that...

Sprint, the Quadruple Play Enabler

December 30, 2004

Yesterday in one of my blog entries, I opined about Cablevisions decision to provide some data services. The entry was titled Triple Play Becomes Quadruple and Quintuple Play. I mentioned that wireless was the missing piece of the puzzle and...

VoIP, Vonage, The FCC and Regulation

December 30, 2004

Vonage Holdings is really paving the way for a slew of VoIP service providers as they fight regulatory battle after battle. In a lost appeal to a recent Vonage win, the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission argues that VoIP phone service...

My Y2K Predictions Trashed

December 29, 2004

I love the Internet because it is so democratic. What I love even more is that it is a self-documenting mechanism and nothing gets thrown away. I was researching for a blog entry that mentioned Y2K and came across the...
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