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The Unique role of the Service Provider with a SmartHome

  As last week's blog described, a SmartHome is a complicated place today.  A service provider could tie all of these different...

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The SmartHome, The Service Provider, and Connectivity

The SmartHome market is important for consumers for many reasons - energy savings, additional security and improved quality of life to name...

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Part 3 of Pros and Cons of Hosted vs. CPE Phone Systems

In part 2 of this series I discussed price. Now let’s wrap up this series and talk about Unified Communications, features and...

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How to Prepare for The Future of Work

The future of work continues to change and the predictions of mass joblessness as a result of AI and robotic automation have...

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Pros and Cons of Hosted vs. On Premise Phone Systems (Part 2)

In Part 1 we discussed some of the considerations that would affect a cloud vs on-premise solution. Now I’d like to start...

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Pros and Cons of Hosted vs. On Premise Phone Systems

Purchasing communications infrastructure equipment for your business, whether it’s data routers, SBCs or phone communication systems is difficult.  There are many vendor...

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Making Sense of Blockchain and Nothing Can Be Hidden in it?

The Bitfury Group and First Block Capital, on January 11, 2018, announced they had invested in Emercoin and would support the ground-breaking...

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Canadians Receive $10,000 VoIP Conference Value - Free

September 29, 2004

WiMAXcon Learning Center Open for Business

September 28, 2004

WiMAX technology is progressing amazingly quickly and it seems like this technology will help bring broadband communications consisting of voice, video and data to the masses. I am personally thrilled to announce that our WiMAX Learning center is doing incredibly...

TMC Announces VoIP Service Provider Award

September 28, 2004

Cisco VoIP Success - DoD and Bank of America

September 28, 2004

Cisco has been making serious headway in the VoIP space lately. Two recent stories show that they aren't slowing down one bit. In a CNET story titled Cisco inks another big VoIP deal, Bank of America is going to deploy...

AT&T CallVantge and D-Link DVG-1120M Help

September 26, 2004

I received this rather detailed e-mail on configuring hardware for AT&T CallVantage. Havent tested this myself but it looks important enough to pass along. This is likely the AT&T Callvantage article being referred to. Hello, I just spent the entire...

Browsing the Google Way

September 23, 2004

Google may be launching a new browser according to a story by BBC. The Register also has a story that talks about this new browser and mentions that Google has recently hired a senior Java developer from Sun. Bloggers too...

Asterisk Interest Soars

September 23, 2004

When I first wrote about Asterisk, the open, Linux based PBX it was for the January issue of Internet Telephony Magazine. I expected Asterisk to do well but I didnt expect the groundswell of activity that I have recently witnessed....

AT&T's VoIP Teleworker Trials

September 22, 2004

Mayor Daley is Watching

September 21, 2004

The New York Times had an interesting article titled Chicago Moving to 'Smart' Surveillance Cameras (registration required) in which Mayor Daley says the cameras will make the city a safer place. 250 cameras will be installed and using sophisticated technology,...

Service Providers Can Learn From

September 17, 2004

A few years back I attended the 3GSM show in the south of France and no, it wasn't sunny... Pretty cold and drizzly, thank you very much. Suffice it to say, I covered the whole show -- Every Exhibitor. Not much else to do there I am afraid.
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