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RingCentral, PCM Partner to Expand Cloud Communications Adoption

Cloud communications in the enterprise have brought innovation and helped to lower costs across the board. These technologies are also connecting businesses...

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Viasat's Impressive Broadband Solution

“Viasat was founded in the CEO’s garage in eighties and the three founders are still with us. One, Mark Dankberg, is CEO,” said...

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Aryaka's Global Strength a Plus when Adding SD-WAN to Digital Transformation

Aryaka Networks is focused on change and growth and growing healthily, organically. Their goal is to ensure more predictable, market-leading sustainable growth....

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MACH Networks Managed Wireless Solutions Now Channel Friendly

Mach Networks provides fully managed wireless WAN connectivity solutions for SMBs and large enterprises. Their mission is to make it easy and...

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Post-Bankruptcy Windstream to Focus on SD-WAN, UCaaS and Call Center

In a recent meeting with Windstream Networks we learned the company is about 60 days into bankruptcy, past their second day petition...

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SD-Internet More Popular than SD-WAN at Adaptiv Networks

“We are a software-defined WAN vendor differentiated by how lean we are,” said Bernard Breton CEO, Adaptiv Networks in an exclusive, live,...

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Cyxtera Wants to be Your Secure Data Center Company

Who is this data center company named Cyxtera expanding in five markets while putting out reports on cybersecurity? Generally, a data center...

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VoIP Goes Retail

September 1, 2004

Amazingly, the buzz about VoIP these days is more about distribution that technology. Just a year ago critics were saying this stuff doesnt work and now you cant go to a retail outlet without being inundated with VoIP phones, videophones,...

Skype, Charter Communications and Covad Heating up VoIP

September 1, 2004

Skype recently launched the beta version of a Mac OS X client for their VoIP service. With over 20 million downloads and nine million users, these guys are taking the VoIP world by storm. SkypeOut lets Skype users connect to...

Warren Buffett Sends a Letter to TMC's Tracey Schelmetic

August 25, 2004

As publishers, we get our share of feedback and we love it. Negative feedback is great because it allows us to improve, while positive is nice as it reinforces what you are doing right. As you might expect, most of our feedback comes from people either buying or selling technology products or services, the typical readers of our publications. Occasionally, you receive feedback from someone so well-known and respected that you do a quadruple-take.

Such was the case yesterday when I was shown a letter to Tracey Schelmetic, the Editorial Director of Customer Interaction Solutions Magazine, from none other than Warren Buffett.

I purchased a Mosquito Magnet Liberty Plus

August 7, 2004

I purchased a Mosquito Magnet Liberty Plus recently as the whole West Nile scare has gotten to and I wanted to do whatever possible to reduce the risk. I believe it was Consumer Reports that said that there is no...

The Airlines Embrace CRM?

August 6, 2004

Big News At VoIP Developer

August 3, 2004


SIP Forum Kick Off at VoIP Developer in San Jose

August 3, 2004

The SIP Forum had a kick off reception tonight at VoIP Developer and it was an opportunity to get a number of developers together to start networking and discussing the opportunities in VoIP. A number of old friends and some...

Have a Drink on Vonage

July 29, 2004

At the Democratic National Convention this week, Vonage in conjunction with the Distilled Spirits Council of the U.S., threw a party at Anthem restaurant, luring politicians and others to learn about VoIP and why it shouldnt be regulated by the...

Vendors Invited to ICCM PARTY

July 26, 2004

Vendors Invited to ICCM PARTY

July 26, 2004

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